About Bichitra Computers

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has been shaping life in many different ways and making a great impact in our society. Understanding its need Bichitra Computers was established back in 1999, and has been contributing to widen the computerization by providing best sales and services. Bichitra Computers is one of the businesses behind the establishment of Motijheel Gause Pak Computer Market. Since its inception it has been promoting the use of computers in workplaces and facilitating users by providing computers with limited budgets.

We realized that there have been many unused computers and related products in different organizations and even with users. One of our latest initiatives to make their uses with our exchange program, which will increase more users and can help them to afford with limited budgets.

We have stayed true to our core values over the years and have created our business that our employees and clients are proud to associate with.